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Paid Ad Content Marketing

Paid ads can help you reach a broad audience and position yourself in all the places you want to be seen — paid ads are especially beneficial when paired with inbound or content marketing. You can share paid ads in many places, including on social media, landing pages, banners, and sponsored content.

Next, look at some more content marketing examples associated with those types of content marketing reviewed in an my last post.

1 Example of Instagram Content Marketing

Canva’s well-known graphic design platform makes content creation easier for businesses, influencers, and content creators everywhere. In 2022, it launched an ongoing weekly contest for users in return for some sweet prizes, like a paid annual membership to Canva.

The #CanvaDesignChallenge calls for unique, original, and sometimes “out there” images, which are placed before a Canva staff group. At the end of the week, they choose their top five.

It’s a perfect example of cultivating user-generated content (UGC). Since launching, Canva has amassed 36,000 posts under the hashtag #CanvaDesignChallenge. Now, its team can choose which content to share on Instagram by barely lifting a finger. Moreover, Canva—a leader in creativity—gives its users a chance to be the experts.

Canva challenges content creators to think outside the box and craft something new. It’s also building a community of creators excited to use the tool and show off their skills.

Check out past weekly winners on Canva’s Instagram page or view one of the weekly challenges.

2. Example of Blog Content Marketing

Climate Fieldview’s single “Find Your Fungicide Window” blog post was a Content Marketing Awards Finalist.  Informative in helping farmers plan for their harvest, it also tells them how to use the fungicide window to their advantage.

This blog is both visually appealing and easy to digest. It has well-designed graphics that you can interact with, well-utilized white space, and well-placed information that stands out. In addition, Climate Fieldview subtly mentions its data-driven technology to provide a visual perspective on the impact of knowing your fungicide window.

Being clear and concise with a topic as complex as this one is crucial. The blog has an ideal read time of 3 minutes. Providing visuals like before and after photographs or interactive designs can keep the user engaged and provide a helpful strategy to yield a better product.

To read the blog Ctrl + Click here.

3. Example of Podcast Content Marketing

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has a weekly podcast called HBR IdeaCast that features business and management leaders. You can either subscribe to consistently receive their hundreds of podcasts or pick and choose which ones you want to listen to.

The podcast is on-brand and complements the rest of HBRs published content. It also serves as an excellent way for HBR to connect with their target audience, enhance brand awareness, and gain a following of audience members through a medium that differs from their typical work (e.g. podcast versus HBR article).

To listen to HBR idea cast on Apple Ctrl + Click here

Example of Video Content Marketing

Google Web Stories is jumping on the video trend, helping creators place their content in front of the broadest audience.

Users can add Google Web Stories to the backend of a website, making it easy to upload video content. Similar to sites like TikTok, Instagram, or design platforms like Canva, video creators can craft unique stories using animations, text, color, embeds, and captions.

Google Web Stories uses video to help creators position themselves as experts on a topic, driving them to their site. Video is a thriving form of content, and articles that incorporate one video generate 83% more traffic than articles without a video. Content creators can take advantage at no cost as long as they have the time to create web stories from Google.

As Google evolves to deliver more video in search engine results, content creators can harness this new feature to provide users with more video. Google Web Stories can reach users via a user’s search intent while still falling in line with the style of other video creation platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram reels.

5. Example of Paid Ad Content Marketing

Wordle by The New York Times

Wordle, the popular online game purchased by the New York Times, allows users six chances to guess a five-letter word—just once a day.

The site also keeps track of your winning streak. Users can also brag about their daily wins by sharing them on social media.

This page received over 10 million organic views and attracted over 170k backlinks as of April 2022.

Wordle is fun, easy to use, and accessible on any device. However, it isn’t binge-worthy. It only steals one’s attention for a short time without you becoming consumed by it like other games.

Sometimes simple is better when creating something engaging. The more complex a piece of content is, the more likely it is for a user to experience confusion. Remember to keep things clear and simple when creating content.

6. Example of Twitter Content Marketing

Adobe supports businesses with its outstanding computer software and its community of professional creators. From crafting PDFs to illustrating ebooks or posters, they have products suitable for any business’s creative needs.

The computer software company takes its B2B services to new creative heights on its Twitter page opening new worlds for businesses. They post colourful and inspiring visual content, tips for better illustration and video creation, and educational blog posts.

Adobe’s also shares illustrations from users with expert skills to offer recognition for their creativity.

All posts on Adobe’s Twitter are short, sweet, and creative and speak well to their celebration of #CreativityForAll. They give credit to graphic designers, offer tips for creators, make posts pleasing to the eye, and communicate their brand in clever ways. Their regular use of stunning images and videos in each post and short copy, makes it easy for Twitter followers to engage.

Twitter isn’t just designed for clever text-based posts loaded with hashtags. Keep the text short, add eye-catching images and add videos for increased engagement, and share people’s creativity to help inspire others. And it holds true for all sectors, including B2B.

7. Example of TikTok Content Marketing

The Travel Manitoba TikTok channel contains amazing travel-related videos that speak to Manitoba, Canada, residents, and locals alike. Some videos show activities like dining under the aurora borealis, staying at retro hotels, or going on a bison safari.

Featuring these moments it has amassed more than 30,000 followers and over 260,000 likes.

Travel Manitoba does well to incorporate honest reviews of the best places to eat, drink, be outdoors, and enjoy the city. Videos are short, delightful to watch, well shot, and a significant content marketing trend in 2022. Travel Manitoba captures various angles of all things that make it different. Each second of content is interesting for the user, and users feel like they’ve already been there.

8. Example of Viral Content Marketing

Most businesses are striving to create the next piece of viral content. But even if the content doesn’t go viral, can it still make an impact? Wistia, a video hosting platform, thinks so and works to prove it in its “Low Views High Impact” video series.

Over nine episodes, Wistia sheds light on the content that yields low views but still creates a high impact. Wistia interviews businesses that create videos designed to reach smaller audiences. And judging from the videos businesses create to reach smaller audiences, it turns out big things can come in small packages.

Wistia emulates a TV host interview scenario that explores the surprising benefits businesses experience with their non-viral content. This storytelling series provides value while also keeping the content fun and engaging. It’s also very close to the value proposition and product of Wistia, helping the company to spread the idea that video can be helpful even if it doesn’t become viral.

Try incorporating comedy and fun into your content. Focus on quirky ways to deliver value while covering topics that educate marketing professionals. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Also, ensure that the topics you select align with your overall brand story.

To look at an excellent example of content marketing Ctrl + Click here.

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