How to earn money while you sleep

Don’t Retire, launch that second career for your health, sanity and maybe some extra income

Hi, I’m Jeremy. In my past, I have been a C-suite executive for an American MNC, been a fractional CFO for the CFO Centre, and run my own consulting business. I am about to move to Vietnam to live on the beach (see above) and launch my third career focused on developing income streams that will allow me to earn money while I sleep. Please join me on that Journey

Build the house you want to live in

Define your values early and often. Values are not generic two-word commandments that state the obvious.  They should codify what you believe in place where everyone can see them and everyone can suggest changes. Values should be an oral tradition. They should tell your employees how to behave in both normal and extreme situations. And […]

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Advice from Sahil Lavingia’s book The Minimalist Entrepreneur At this stage of our business cycle, you are profitable and growing organically. Maybe this is the end game for you, you are earning a nice living for you and your family. But many entrepreneurs want to continue to see their businesses grow. And to stand still […]

From e-mails and communities to profitability.

Make email the backbone of your marketing – maintain control. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook can take away your business at any time by changing the algorithms, shutting down your account, or making you pay to turn up. Social media is a great place to gain distribution you are building on rented land. Once you […]

Marketing? Just be you!

More ideas from Sahil Lavingia’s book. The Minimalist Entrepreneur. Selling to strangers is hard, it’s much easier if you have a connection with your potential client.  In this post you will learn what Sahil Lavingia tells us on developing your audience. Congratulations, by following steps outlined in last week’s  blogs which were part manifesto and […]


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