Welcome to the Geriatric Entrepreneur. Maybe you are bored. Or maybe, like me, you are concerned about your retirement saving in light of inflation and the recent poor stock market performance. Whatever the reason, if you are thinking about starting your own consulting, coaching or content creator business, you have come to the right place. The Geriatric Entrepreneur is a safe home to find the information and to ask the questions you need to find the success that you desire. At the Geriatric Entrepreneur success is measured in your terms. I will not be focusing on building a six or seven figure income. My objective is to make your retirement more comfortable. If your target is an extra $2,000 per month (or less, or more) you are welcome to the community.

As WordPress only allows one blog per site, use categories to find the information you are looking for . There are 3 main sections: 1) The technical stuff such as SEO, Keywords, Content Creation etc. 2) The practical stuff which includes my experiences in putting the technical stuff into action, and 3) ideas for diversification,

Escape the tyranny of the clock: None of us are getting any younger. You are the youngest today that you will ever be. Build a diversified income stream that will allow you to earn money even after you have stopped work

Hello – I am The Geriatric Entrepreneur AKA Jeremy and I am well into my 60’s (The picture was taken nearly 10 years ago). All my life, during my corporate career and my consulting business I have been paid by the hour. It’s time to make a change and I am embarking on a five year program to develop a sustainable income. I will share my success and failures, and show you step by step my progress or lack of it.